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Forkhead transcription factor O1 (FoxO1) in torafugu pufferfish Takifugu rubripes: Molecular cloning, in vitro DNA binding, and target gene screening in fish metagenome

The fish insulin/insulin-like progress issue (IGF) pathway has weak management over carbohydrate metabolism. To know the molecular foundation for the metabolic variety, we characterised the forkhead field transcription issue O1A… Read more »

Cloning short DNA into plasmids by one-step PCR

Background: Plasmid building of small fragments of curiosity (similar to insertion of small fragment marker genes, expression of shRNA, siRNA, and many others) is the idea of many biomolecular experiments. Right… Read more »

FungalBraid: A GoldenBraid-based modular cloning platform for the assembly and exchange of DNA elements tailored to fungal synthetic biology.

Present challenges within the research and biotechnological exploitation of filamentous fungi are the optimization of DNA cloning and fungal genetic transformation past mannequin fungi, the open alternate of ready-to-use and… Read more »

DNA injury and peripheral blood lymphocytes in combating the oxidative stress

Protecting impact of leaf extract of Abutilon indicum on DNA injury and peripheral blood lymphocytes in combating the oxidative stress   The present analysis explores in vitro antioxidant traits, radiation-induced DNA injury safety and quenching results… Read more »